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  • Ephesians | Week #3 – Identity Crisis

    Does what you do flow out of who you are or does who you are flow out of what you do? You don’t have to live in the identity you achieve, but live in what you receive in Christ.

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  • Ephesians | Week #2 – Receive Wisdom and Have Hope

    Studies indicate we, as a society, are experiencing mental illness at extremely high rates right now. Entering 2021, most of us are warn out, stressed and feeling anxiety more than ever. This may be the longest period of unrelenting “desert experience” in our recently history.

    It is time to dig down and look at what God may be doing in this season. Let’s take one step, just one, out of the desert.

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  • Ephesians | Week #1 – The Path Forward

    For the next several weeks, we’re going to take a deep dive into the book of Ephesians.

    You’re invited to dig in deep with us, visit northway.org for reading material and a free downloadable bookmark. Grab your physical Bible and journey into your heart with our teaching team.

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