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December 12 & 13, 2020 | North Way Live

  • 2020

Everywhere we turn, people are promising us so much. From stores selling us stuff, to weight loss apps, to the government, but how do we know who and what to believe?

What about God? What is your sign from God that when “this” happens, you can believe He will come through for you? When we believe God’s promises, we’re transformed. But that is much easier said than done.

God’s promises transform the way you see your circumstances. You can look at your circumstances through His promises or God’s promises through your circumstances.

Christmas is the ultimate reminder that God joins us in our suffering and is with us every moment of every day.

Jesus’ birth on earth is a promise from God. We have a faithful God who keeps His promises. This week we discuss the evidence of God keeping his promises through the scripture of Christ’s arrival on earth.

Speaker: Amanda Beggs

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