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December 24, 2020 | North Way Live

  • 2020

You probably have a lot of Christmas Traditions! One of those traditions may be driving around and looking at Christmas lights. This year, lights were hard to find at the store – many were sold out. It seems as though everyone went over the top to light up the darkness. Despite the incredible lights all over the place, there are many homes decorated with just a single candle in each window.

What is the meaning behind this way of decorating? There is more than we see on the surface. Historically, the candle light in the window is a signaling that people are welcome in your home, it’s a sign of trust. The same is true in Luke 2:1-21, there is much more than we see on the surface.

Luke records that Mary paused and pondered everything that was happening to her. We should take courage in knowing, like Mary, we do not know or understand everything that is going on and that is OK. We should be expectant, in time, to see what God is up to. In that moment she had no way of knowing everything that was to come through her son Jesus.

The details of Jesus’ birth serve as a preview of God’s Kingdom.

Merry Christmas.

Speaker: Pastor Dave D’Angelo

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