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Ephesians | Week #2 – Receive Wisdom and Have Hope

  • 2021

Paul wrote his letter to the church in Ephesus because he heard that the people who lived there loved the Gospel. He was giving thanks to the Lord for them. He prays that the Lord gives them wisdom and hope. Don’t you think we all need a little of that right now?

A preacher’s role is to “feed the sheep”. Most of the time, all a pastor is doing, is trying to get you to your “next meal.” Each sermon isn’t supposed to solve every issue you face.

God often does new things within the difficult things. Difficult times are expressed as “desert times” referring to the periods when Jesus was in the desert.

Studies indicate we, as a society, are experiencing mental illness at extremely high rates right now. Entering 2021, most of us are warn out, stressed and feeling anxiety more than ever. This may be the longest period of unrelenting “desert experience” in our recently history.

It is time to dig down and look at what God may be doing in this season. Let’s take one step, just one, out of the desert.

Speaker: Pastor Scott Stevens

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