Ephesians | Week #7 – Being Right or in Relationship

  • 2021

Do you think there are things starting to happen at the church? Are we becoming something we aren’t supposed to become? Paul gives us a vision of what the church should be in this chapter of Ephesians. He is encouraging us not to settle, knowing that we have been graced for more. 

Paul teaches us the calling for the church is gentleness, humility, patience and selflessness. This is the complete opposite of what today’s society would teach. Today, if we don’t agree, you get get cancelled.

Being selfless doesn’t mean you get walked all over, it just means you value other people in the world before you value yourself. This may feel a little predictable or elementary. But take a moment to dig in and really look at your life over the last year. Were you marked by humility, gentleness and patience? Or something else?

In today’s world we’re urged and tempted to always be right. But the scriptures show us the people who were only interested in being “right” were the Pharisees. And they’re the ones who missed the savior. 

Do you want to be right or in relationship?

Speaker: Pastor Dave D’Angelo


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