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February 6 & 7, 2021 | North Way Live


Paul doesn’t lack for confidence. He makes bold statements! Yet, in the letter to the church at Ephesus, he says he is the “least of all the saints.” This isn’t false humility. He says that his confidence comes only from God. Specifically, he claims he is gifted grace from the Lord. What gives him confidence is that God “graced him” with it. 

Paul is most confident and sure and bold when he is doing what God graced him to do!

What fuels your confidence? 

When you were a kid, where you bolder? Did you not fear rejection or risk? What happened as you got older? Where did this boldness go? You struggle to find confidence today, especially with the advent of social media. It is pervasive for all of us. This is why there are so many books dealing with “Self Confidence”. 

What if confidence doesn’t come from within? Confidence and boldness are not sourced from our personality, our past successes or what others say about us. This week, we search out the place where true confidence, assuredness and life come from. 

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