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Fight the Drift

  • 2020

It doesn’t matter if you’re well anchored or lightly tethered, drifts come for all of us and eventually they cause us to end up somewhere we didn’t plan to be. Drifts are things we absolutely have to pay attention to. If we’re not careful, we’re all susceptible to a spiritual drift.

Paul’s letters were written to help the church avoid drifting.

Throughout the Old Testament, in the time of the Kings, we see nothing but drifts. They would begin worshiping God, then they would stop praying to him, then eventually worshiping idols and sin and then we start over again. Why would this happen? Doe this happen to us today?

We are most likely to drift when we feel that we are strong. The moment we run to God is when we feel weak. Is our need for God absent or are we just not aware of it?

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