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Fight the Drift: He Will Rescue You

  • 2020

During a season such as this it can be easy to find yourself adrift. Life might be heavy right now. You might feel sad, depressed, even lonely. Our thoughts can become like a small boat that gets tossed and turned in the middle of the sea during a storm.

Do you feel like you are being tossed and turned in this season? Are you unable to see the light through the dark clouds? There is good news. If we anchor down in God’s Word, he promises to rescue us in our times of need.

How do we ensure, daily, that we are fighting the drift? We can equip ourselves with three practical spiritual “weapons”:

1.) Anchoring our thoughts into the Word of God.

2.) Practice personal worship and praise

3.) Be connected to community

If we can apply these three weapons in our lives, and be patient, He will come, he will be there for you, and he WILL rescue you.

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