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Fight the Drift: Righting The Ship

  • 2020

Drift happens. Think: Gym memberships, diets, relationship goals, and on and on. We start off so eager, but over time, we start to… drift. Intentionally or not, we start to drift from these goals. When we do it can become detrimental in our everyday lives, our spiritual lives, and to the lives of those around us. It can also become detrimental to our relationship with Jesus. With so many ways to drift these days, we can lose sight of what’s really important around us.

Jesus came and died for each one us and opened up the direct avenue of communication to Him that we can use to confess our sins. Our encouragement this week is to examine our hearts where we could use the Lord to right our ships (lives) and fight the spiritual drift.

What is the thing that’s holding you back from simple repentance?

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