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Fight the Drift: What’s Your Worldview?

  • 2020

As Christians, we are called to hold a certain worldview. A worldview that is not of our own, but one that is God-centered. But, sometimes, we tend to drift from that view to more a secular one and things such as doubt, worry, shame, and fear creep in. We might fall into the trap of focusing on what’s temporary rather than focusing on the truths of the Gospel.

What would it look like if we fought the drift and started focusing on what’s most important: A Godly worldview and Jesus? Instead of worry, shame, fear, and doubt, our hearts could be filled with powerful and sacred signs when we seek the presence and guidance of God.

Clinging to a Christian world view in an ever changing secular world isn’t easy, but standing firm in the name of Christ is always worth fighting this drift. Instead of winning people to a cause or a candidate, we could start winning people for Christ.

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