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In God We Trust | Now What?

  • 2020

Maybe your candidate won? Or lost? Or is contesting? This election is just another way 2020 has brought uncertainty into your life. The gamut of emotions we are all experiencing is vast. We’re all wondering, what’s going to happen next? Whether your candidate won or lost, we can’t believe this is actually happening.

We’re feeling fear, frustration, fatigued… or, perhaps, full of hope.

At this point, most of us don’t even know what to say. All of us are looking for a word of inspiration or hope! You’re asking, now what?

We’re not the only ones in history who have had “now what” moments. It’s actually happened again and again in scripture. When you’re out of words, that is an invitation to pray..”now what“ moments are invitations to pray.

Though things are out of your hands, they’re never out of His hands.

What does prayer do? It demonstrates that it is: In God We Trust.

Speaker: Pastor Dave D’Angelo

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