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The Book of John: Are You Satisfied?

  • 2020

Like their ancestors in the desert, the crowd talking with Jesus, were looking to get their physical needs met. Jesus invited them to a greater experience than getting their physical hunger needs met momentarily. He was inviting them, as well as you and me, to an experience that would Satisfy their hunger and thirst forever.

When you have tasted Jesus, embraced Jesus, accepted Jesus, put your trust in Jesus YOU WILL experience being satisfied in Jesus, and nothing else will do.

What does it mean to Believe?

Believing is our response in accepting Him for Who He Is. If you will believe in Jesus, “The Bread of Life”, who gives life, you will be satisfied for all eternity! Jesus is basically saying, I have taken care of your physical needs by feeding you loaves of bread and fish. Now let me take care of your spiritual needs by giving you the true and free Bread of Life.

To believe in Jesus is to have faith that He is who He said He is.

God’s Provision for us all is His Son Jesus – The “I AM” the Bread of Life – Who Satisfies.

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