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The Book of John: Me, Myself & I

  • 2020

The Father is the Vine Dresser, Jesus is the vine and we are the branches.  

There are four faith realities from living in the “true vine”.  Everything we need as Christians, comes from Him, not us. Jesus never takes a day off, He is always our constant source and supply. Thus the metaphor of the vine.  

This was a radical concept to the Jewish people. The identification of God’s people was no longer in their nation, but in their Messiah and this is open to all people!

Don’t look to yourself for your fulfillment, but to Him – as we face the temptation to rely on ourselves: me, myself & I.

You do not need to be the provider of every single answer or the solver of every problem.

Sermon Notes

So what does relying on the vine look like? How do we do that? How do we truly bare fruit in our lives?

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