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The Book of John: The Way of Jesus

  • 2020

Something powerful happens when kids try to be adults. Like when they try on their parent’s shoes or other article of clothing. They don’t care how silly they may look. Kids are not inhibited by their exhibitions. They’re fearless. But that’s not like us as adults is it? We have an image to uphold.

When we’re willing to walk in someone else’s shoes (their way) we really get to know them.

Jesus said “I am THE way.”  THE meaning “only”.

Jesus is saying we’ve got to be more like a kid. We have to be willing to try things that don’t necessarily “fit”, not being fearful of how we’re viewed or how it feels at first.

There is blessing when we try to live in the way of Jesus.  He lived out His life as a servant. It’s not comfortable for us to serve others, as He did, it doesn’t fit.

Jesus didn’t base His relationships upon what He deserved as we tend to do. But instead, He served.

He gave even to people who didn’t deserve it. Jesus used words to build up. We use them to tear down… We should try on the words and acts of Jesus.

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