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May 22 & 23 | NW Live

  • 2021

Have you ever seen a hidden image in corporate logos? Like the arrow in the FedEx logo? Or the kiss in the Hershey Kisses logo? They’re communicating a sub-conscience message to us through these designs. In this week’s’ parable, Jesus is doing something similar. If the parable of the weeds seems confusing, you’re not alone. Even the disciples needed to ask what he meant.

He is speaking about the crafty nature of satan. How he can throw people off track by making things appear the way they are not. There are enemies walking among God’s followers that appear to be genuine Christ followers, but they are sons of the devil. Their job is to knock you off course. There is a coming of age, and we need to be prepared. Jesus refers to this in His story as “the harvest”.

This week, Pastor Paul Hunter reconstructs this famous parable as part of a deep exploration into what Jesus is trying to tell us about who we are and what to expect when He returns.

Speaker: Pastor Paul Hunter

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