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North Way Live | December 4 & 5, 2021

  • 2021

What good is a gift if you never open it? God sent us the greatest gift of all time, His only son. Do you ever feel yourself turning away from this gift at times or look to others to find purpose in your life? 

We must let go of empty counsels and ways of the world that lead to darkness. Jesus is uniquely qualified to be our counselor and lead us into the light. If we ignore this, we will continue to spiral downwards and become more distressed. Jesus doesn’t counsel from a distance; he counsels with experience. 

When Jesus lived on earth, he also experienced darkness, temptation, pain, and loneliness. However, he never caved in and always resisted. He is the perfect gift and example to provide us with wonderful counsel.

In this first part of our Christmas series, For Unto Us, we learn what it means to have a savior who is a wonderful counselor.

Speaker: John Reilly

Lead Cast

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