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November 28 & 29: North Way Live Weekly Gathering

  • 2020

Forgiveness is a difficult topic for most of us. At any given moment, you may find yourself standing between two opposing forces and you feel the pressure to pick a side. These forces can come from the inside, when we’re torn emotionally or from the outside in our relationships. The most challenging ground is oftentimes the place in the middle: the radical gap.

It is the place where Jesus lived. Walking in the radical gap is what He did. Navigating between tension and vulnerability. How do you live in this place?

There are two areas that often hold Christ followers back from becoming fully who God wants them to be: 1) Money 2) Unforgiving Heart.

Today we’re focusing on the unforgiving heart, which may make you uncomfortable. You know that in some areas of your heart, you may be carrying unforgiveness and bitterness from a past hurt or experience. It’s crushing you. We’re going to get a few handles on this pain and difficulty and help you live out your life the way God made you to do. It’s time to find and experience that freedom.

Speaker: Pastor Paul Hunter

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