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October 10 & 11: North Way Live Weekend Gathering

  • 2020

Who really wants to talk about politics right now? We’re looking for moments to distract ourselves from this incredibly tense political atmosphere we’re living through. So, for the next five weeks we’re going to talk about the Gospel and politics. To see how we can handle this tension.

All throughout this series, more important than who wins the election, we’re focusing on the condition of our heart. We need to be intentional about shepherding our hearts.

The Bible talks a lot about our hearts, they’re the wellspring of our life. How we protect them and who we give them to shapes our eternity. Who/what has your heart should be the priority of your life and remember, if you have more than one priority, you actually have no priority. It’s God’s likeness that is stamped on your heart.

Are we willing to see our politics through a filter of faith? You probably think you already do. But would you be willing to challenge your own belief in yourself, just for a moment? If you’re honest, you probably actually see your faith through a filter of politics.

How do you have a faith-first filter? This week we examine this question and open up the box of Christianity and politics.

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