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The Radical Gap | The Dream King

  • 2020

This week we hear from Will Ford and Matt Lockett, two men living in this place. One the descendent of a former slave owner, the other a descendent of one of the slave owner’s slaves.

Will Ford is the Director of the Marketplace Leadership Major at Christ For The Nations Institute and is the co-founder of 818 The Sign.

Matt Lockett is the Executive Director of Justice House of Prayer DC.

Together, Matt & Will have authored: The Dream King

Is the dream of equality Dr. King envisioned still alive today? Can our historic national hurts still be healed? How can we rise above the racial tension threatening the nation? 

There is hope to heal the racial divide. The Dream King is the astonishing true story of two men whose lives are woven together by history and the hidden hand of God. It reveals an inspiring narrative that exposes systemic injustice and delivers new keys for understanding the nation’s past, present, and future.

Speakers: Will Ford & Matt Lockett

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