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The Story | The Fall: I Want To Be God

  • 2020

We inherit certain traits from the generations before us.  Have you ever asked yourself “why am I this way?” This is one of the most important questions we can wrestle with. Because, when we understand who we are, we can understand what we really need.   We don’t really read the story of the Bible, the story reads us.   The Fall is where everything goes off the rails. Even if you’re unsure about God, when you examine the story of “the fall”, you can see yourself in it.   Just like you inherit traits from your parents and the generations before us, you inherit traits from Adam & Eve. No one has to teach you to sin, it comes naturally. It takes so much more work to not sin. Sin leads you to believe that real happiness is in being god, and not being with God. You will only flourish if you operate inside God’s design.   Where are you trying to control where you’re not in control? What if you made God – God, and we’re content to be WITH him?

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