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‘Twas The Night | God’s Surprises

  • 2020

We need Christmas more than ever, because when Jesus was born – he brought light into the darkness. 

When we’re focused on something we want, we miss what is present. Do you do this with the Christmas story? After doing it over and over and over again, is it possible you are no longer open to something fresh and new: seeing what God is trying to show you?

If you dig into Matthew’s text, you’ll notice the surprises that God gives us about Jesus and the Gospel. They’re similar to the “Easter Eggs” that Disney likes to add to their movies. 

Join us for week #1 of our Christmas series “‘Twas the Night” as we explore the text we all know so well with an eye toward seeing it in a way we’ve never seen it before. Jesus is the light of the world!

Sermon Notes

Speaker: Pastor Dave D’Angelo

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